The world of work is transforming, becoming increasingly complex and uncertain. Organizations and leaders must deliver more innovative products and services on a more frequent basis in order to survive.

The Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) credential is an education and practice-based programme with the goal of developing Agile leadership competency and maturity in order to increase the effectiveness of a leader in these rapidly changing conditions.

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CAL I is the first opportunity to experience how leadership behaviour, workplace environment and approaches to change affect the outcomes you and your organisation can achieve. CAL I is a two-day workshop covering the following topics:

1. Agile Organisations

  • Redefine High Performance: Agility massively reduces Risk and builds Resilience
  • Dealing with the unknown: Agile decision-making and increased responsibility
  • Enabling Structures: Create an environment where people may thrive

2. Agile Approaches to Change

  • Reframing change: How to avoid resistance and make change desirable
  • Coaching Skills: The essentials of coaching to transform your effectiveness
  • Reaching Escape Velocity: How to unlock engagement, at any scale

3. Leadership in an Agile Context

  • Mindfulness and Meaning: Knowing yourself makes you a better leader
  • Leaders go first: Creating paths of least resistance
  • Making weaknesses irrelevant: Leveraging the strengths of diversity in groups

* Some pre-work is required by those participants who have not experienced an introductory agile offering.

Participants completing the CAL I workshop will earn the CAL I credential. There is no obligation to continue with CAL II.

Who is Certified Agile Leadership appropriate for?

Coach / Consultant. Your challenge is to help clients through an Agile transformation with a lot of focus on people and mindsets to shift the culture. A CAL certification empowers you, giving you the tools to enact the change. You’ll gain leadership “how to” tools to help transform your organization into Agile/cross-functional teams.You’ll also benefit by standing out with extra credibility.

Management. Your challenge includes overcoming internal resistance to organization-wide agility. CAL education gives you practical tools to bolster your shift from Agile practitioner to Agile leader, and helps you nurture senior management champions to solidify your efforts.

Executive. Finding the time to work on your own agility and discovering a meaningful role to play in an Agile transformation is challenging. You desire to be more than just someone who authorizes hiring a consultant or coach. CAL education can quickly accelerate your learning curve and show you the real role you could play in an Agile transformation.

Course Leader: Stuart Turner

Stuart’s passion is helping develop outstanding workplaces.

Having introduced Agile practices into his own approach over 15 years ago, Stuart knows the benefits individuals and teams experience when owning the decisions about how they work.

In today’s highly complex world, Stuart helps organisations of all sizes make the smallest of interventions for disproportionately impressive benefits.

Bringing a wealth of experience of both personal and organisational change, Stuart can help you evolve your workplace to support people who thrive and improve outcomes.

Joining the Agile Community upon arriving in Singapore in 2011, Stuart founded and organised the Agile Singapore Conference in 2013 and 2014, and also presented two sessions in 2014. He has spoken at several international conferences, the largest of which was a plenary session for 1,100 delegates at the Global Scrum Gathering in USA, in 2016.

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Park Hotel Alexandra
323 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159972

Directions to Park Hotel Alexandra

Registration Fees

$2,499 SGD, including GST @ 7% - GROUPS OF FOUR OR MORE

For GovTech employees the course fee is $2,359
Certification fee is paid by the participant: $140

$2,799 SGD, including GST @ 7% - EARLY BIRD (2 weeks before the course start date)

For GovTech employees the course fee is $2,659
Certification fee is paid by the participant: $140

$3,499 SGD, including GST @ 7% - REGULAR PRICE

For GovTech employees the course fee is $3,359
Certification fee is paid by the participant: $140

Under the PIC Scheme businesses can enjoy 400% tax deductions/allowances and/or 60% cash payout


Accolades for Stuart’s courses

“Stuart’s CSM course was exceptional! Right from the get go it focused on learning by doing rather than powerpoint slides or lectures. There were lots of opportunities to get to know others, a lot of focus on active participation and an excellent experiential approach to understanding Scrum. The material was engaging and fun and the case studies and anecdotes Stuart shared made Scrum come alive in a very real, cohesive way for me. I also found his thoughts on presence, awareness and responsibility versus accountability very insightful and am already applying Scrum more mindfully at my startup. Will definitely look out for more courses from Stuart. Thank you so much!” - A. Dutta (July 2018)

Stuart’s CSM course far exceeded my expectations. Rather than just a rote presentation of the mechanics of Scrum, Stuart presented the material in the context of the far more important and difficult goal of increasing organizational agility and speed of delivering business value. With the ever increasing rate of change in technology, every business is being either actively disrupted or at best facing increased competition.

Scrum is a tool that can help an organization compete more effectively in this environment, but a successful implementation of Scrum is dependent on so much more than just the mechanics of the process. Inertia, resistance to change and perceived need for top down control are just a few of the structural issues organizations face when attempting to transition to an agile approach and/or implement a tool like Scrum.

As a course participant you will definitely learn how to implement Scrum, but more importantly, exposure to Stuart’s passion will give you both critical insights into the underlying, non obvious, issues and tools and techniques you can use to immediately increase the odds that your orgnanization’s journey to becoming agile is a successful one. R. Roach, CIO (December 2017)

Thanks again for the course, I found it excellent and connected directly to all the challenges we talked through (especially as I am in large scale scrum delivery, plugging into multiple waterfall teams/cultures - not easy!). - S. Davidson, Executive Director, JP Morgan (October 2017)

“Stuart was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Focusing on teaching through interactive sessions and letting the students drive the training through questions and answers. Stuart was able to bring real world examples to every scenario thrown at him, giving us all the ability to relate the training to our own varying experiences.” - S. Ogden (March 2017 - Melbourne)

“I would like to thank you for having a wonderful training session especially your technique to break the ice between participants and get to know each other. This is really amazing. The topic coverage was really incredible and it was informative. Your encouragement and constant motivation pushed me to reach my potential.

I cleared my Scrum Master certification examination with 100% mark.

I am so grateful for your efforts! You’re an incredible trainer. I will highly recommend you to my friends and colleagues.” A. Nath (March 2017 - Melbourne)

“The whole approach of the course was amazing. As it’s a known fact that practical things have an ever-lasting effect on the mind, your exercises/activities were fabulous. I had loads of positive take-aways. My sincere thanks to you for conducting such a wonderful course.” - B. Bhushan, DBS (February 2016)

“I came to this course looking for answers to certain problems. I didn’t get straight answers. Instead, I learned an attitude and a way of how we can figure it out for ourselves” - U. Kant, Autodesk (January 2016)

The last three days were a meaningful learning journey for me. Today’s session on OpenSpace Agility was impressive. - S. Raghavendra, SGX (December 2015)

“…since the course our Scrum sprints have been improving tremendously! The team is a lot more confident now in executing sprints and the flow is a lot more legitimate. A lot of friction has also been removed as part of me ‘actively doing nothing’ and asking coaching questions based on my observations. I’m extending the knowledge to helping the scrums of other groups as well, so everyone is benefiting from it.” - J. Mah, The Co-Foundry

I attended Stuart’s CSPO course over nine months ago. I have also attended the PMI Strategic Product Manager course which was four days in duration. I learned a lot more on the CSPO course and continue to be more aware of my thinking and behaviour every day. I recommend Stuart to “keep doing what he’s doing. It’s very effective.” - J. Donyada, Product Manager at Sypherlabs

“I had some agile experience going into the training, and it was very helpful to learn what I do well. More importantly, I learned what I don’t do well and how to change that.”

“I am in the software development business, and the agile methodology is an excellent fit. However, it was eye opening to find out how the agile methodology can be applied to virtually any line of business.” - C. Popescu, Senior Scientist at Oracle