The First Step in Achieving your Improvement Goal

When attempting personal improvement, you’ll likely achieve better outcomes if you select “One Big Thing”.

That is: A single goal that would excite you if you were able to make big gains towards it.

The goal should not be something technical that you could accomplish by learning some new skill. Rather it should clearly involve your own growth as a person. At the same time, the goal should not be something that would require a complete personality transplant.

“To start and stay the course of doing genuinely developmental work, a person must really, really want to accomplish his or her personal improvement goal. It is almost never enough to have a goal that just “makes sense,” not even one with compelling, logical reasons behind it.” - Immunity to Change

What also really helps is asking others to help you identify and choose your One Big Thing:

Ask the person to whom you report: “What is the improvement goal that is going to make the biggest difference in your evaluation of me this year for bonus, promotion (or whatever)?”

Ask your peers: “What improvement goal will make me a better team member?”

Ask at least one person who reports to you: “What improvement goal will enable me to serve you better?”

Ask your family: “What is the single thing you think is most important for me to get better at?”

Ask your personal coach: “What single improvement goal is most important to my personal growth?”