Preparation Activities:

Agile Manifesto Agile Principles


Answering the following four questions is a requirement for attaining the CAL I credential.

  1. Consider the above Values and Principles of the Agile Manifesto. Write down your evaluation of how they relate to an organization’s ability to thrive in complex and rapidly changing conditions.

  2. Consider a high-performing team of which you are or were a member. Alternatively, consider a high-performing sports team or other team of which you know. Describe at least three of the characteristics you think strongly contributed to the team being high-performing and how these characteristics relate to Agile thinking.

  3. Compare and contrast the practices and benefits of at least two common Agile frameworks.

  4. Consider all the stakeholders involved with your organisation - top to bottom, inside and out. Describe the benefits of an Agile approach from the perspective of at least three stakeholder groups with differing needs.

Watching many of the following videos will help you prepare for participating in the CAL I workshop:

Useful websites…

OpenSpace Agility
Google’s Work Rules
Behavioural Economics