"Singapore is also in relatively short supply of
DevOps engineers, so salaries are going up."
A Globally-Known Recruitment Company
"Singapore is also in relatively short supply of DevOps engineers, so salaries are going up."
A Globally-Known Recruitment Company


And Thanks To A Range Of Subsidies Between 70%-100%,
You Can Start To Master This Skill With As Little As S$0!

Up to 100% program fee subsidy. The government wants you to possess this skill to such a degree that they’re willing to take all risks from you by providing generous subsidies.

Led by two highly sought-after Singapore and USA DevOps experts, you’ll be guided along the way, expand your network, and find the learning process fun and easy.

All of this is offered in a short 3-day course that aims to help you understand exactly what companies want in 2020 and how to give it to them.

Dear IT Professionals

Did you know most software developers in Singapore are receiving an average salary of S$51,661?

After deducting taxes, CPF, and other commitments, what does that leave you with?

It's quite little to be honest.

The 1% of software developers in Singapore, on the other hand, are cashing in on a booming technology and commanding a salary of anywhere in between S$80,000 - S$150,000 per annum.

Take this one IT company in Singapore, for example.

As appeared on Ambition.com.sg, a US unicorn working on genome big data techs, is looking for a DevOps engineer for their Singapore office.

The salary is in between S$80,000 - S$150,000 per annum.

And no, this is not a temporary contract. The company is looking for a PERMANENT hire!

So if you're among the 1% of software engineers who know DevOps in Singapore, you're looking at a lucrative career ahead.

There’s no limit to how much you can earn if you have DevOps skills.

Even The New 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Report (a world trusted report publisher) paints a rosy picture for DevOps specialists.,

"DevOps and machine learning are important trends in the software industry today. Languages and frameworks associated with these kinds of works are on the rise, and developers working in these areas command the highest salaries."
Stack Overflow Developer Report

And if you find that outrageous, wait until I tell you how much UOB Singapore pays their DevOps specialist. More on that in a moment.

The best part?

You don't have to go through another 4 years of degree just to acquire DevOps skills.

Because with the right experts looking over your shoulder, you can be a certified DevOps specialist in a matter of just 3 days.

Now that this knowledge can be obtained in just 3 days…

It Opens Up New Possibilities For IT Professionals To
Skyrocket Their Career And Command Higher Salaries

DevOps turned out to be the more optimised practice when it comes to software development.

It is so powerful, it’s given a small group of Singaporean the chance to matriculate to the top of the company and develop an almost flawless IT team…

All thanks to DevOps.

Some people call it the “Ultimate Tested and Trusted Systems”.

They do have a point.

Because it is more reliable than any other software development tool!

Conventional tools are following a set of “best practices” for creating quality software in a timely manner.

But the problem is, these “best practices” followed involves people working in Isolation.

There is little to no communication between the Developers, Testers, and the ITOps.

Which can bring irreversible damage to the whole IT team and the end product.

A lot of time and money will be wasted in building software that don’t meet expectations of clients. It is because...

They Are Unaware Of What The Others Are Working On
Despite Being A Part Of The Same Process

It is kinda like disconnecting all the important parts of a computer - monitor, desktop, mouse, and keyboard.

Will the computer function? It is a 100% no!

This Isolation working procedure is the reason why people point fingers at each other when a software fails or has major flaws.

They blame each other for not meeting the requirement.

When a client has complaints about a piece of software, the blame is pushed to each other. The Developers would blame the Testers... and Testers will then point fingers at the ITOps team, who would redirect the blame to the Developers.

It is an endless rabbithole.

Nobody wants to be responsible for the failure.

The managing team will have a hard time to find out the culprit because everything isn’t tracked systematically!

In short, there’s a gap between the software development and operation teams in an organisation.​

That’s Why Companies In Singapore Are In Need Of DevOps Engineers!

DevOps is a unique software engineering culture that integrates and bridges the gap between the software development and operation teams in an organisation.

It concentrates on enhancing the level of collaboration, integration, communication amongst the development and the operations department in the organisation.

The primary objective being constant monitoring and automation at every phase of software construction.

In DevOps, the Developers, the ITOps and Testers are not working independently. They are ‘one’.

But here’s more!

With The Right Guidance And Guru, DevOps Is Actually Very Easy To Master!

So easy a single person can be multi-skilled in DevOps.

Here’s how:

DevOps practice uses a DevOps Engineer.

Since the same DevOps Engineer is multi-skilled, he will be given ownership of the entire process: developing the code, unit testing/ functional testing the code and deploying that code to staging/ testing/ production server.

Since he is the sole owner, there are very few problems that will arise.

And even if problems do arise, the person who knows the product best, will be on the job.

You can see by now why mastering DevOps can give you an unfair advantage and demand a higher salary.

Companies In Singapore Are Willing To Pay As Much As SGD$375K For This Skill!

Just this year, UOB Singapore paid $375K to a tech employee with DevOps skills.

“Technologists who specialise in DevOps, a practice that makes software development faster and more efficient, are in high demand in Singapore. And Singapore is also in relatively short supply of DevOps engineers, so salaries are going up.” - Adam Davies, lead IT recruiter at iKas International

Let’s be crystal clear.

This isn’t a “hypothetical” scenario.

This is a REAL employment that thousands of other IT professionals in Singapore can only dream of.

But if you possess DevOps skills, there’s no limit to what you can earn in the very near future.

You have all the more reason to master DevOps, qualify for a promotion and a raise in Salary!

Ask yourself, what would you do if you could have a raise of salary that quickly?

Would your life get better instantly? Would you feel more confident? Would your colleagues look up to you?

If this sounds like something you want to do, then...

ICAgile Certified Professional
Foundations of DevOps ICP-FDO

Duration: 3 Days | Tuition: S$2,500
(70-100% subsidies available for Singapore Citizens and PRs)

Apply by: December 20, 2019 | Start class: 9-11 Jan 2020

Apply by: December 20, 2019
Start class: 9-11 Jan 2020

Day 1

  • Introduction to DevOps, and why companies are literally hunting for employees who possess this skill.
  • Our very unique approach to explaining and implementing DevOps. This approach will help you create a better software development workflow EASILY.
  • Personal Q&A session to answer your doubts and give you clarity

Day 2

  • Introduction of continuous integration principles. Understand these principles and you’ll have an easy time of learning. We got you covered!
  • Some of the best ways to manage infrastructure and database. Nope, it has nothing to do with data entry or reminders.
  • Personal Q&A session to answer your doubts and give you clarity.

Day 3

  • Hands-on practice and get LIVE feedback from our panel of experts.
  • How to take what you’ve learned + our hyper-effective simulation techniques to get the best chance at victory.
  • Personal Q&A session to answer your doubts and give you clarity.

Keep this in mind - all lessons are explained in such simple terms you'll understand instantly, and be able to use it tomorrow!

Course Trainers for
ICAgile Certified Professional
Foundations of DevOps ICP-FDO

John Okoro

Head Orbium Scrum Practice

John is the Head of Agile Practice for Orbium, and founder / creator of Auspicious Agile, based in Singapore. He has founded Agile services practices for Rally Software in Asia and for Point B, a mid-sized US management consultancy. John is also a contributor to InfoQ on Agile & DevOps, and an author of the ebook “ A Guide to Distributed Agile Framework”.

John has two decades of leadership and process improvement knowledge in technology related projects, and over ten years of experience with Agile methods and coaching. John has led corporate Agile training, executive education, & Agile certification sessions publicly and privately in the US & Asia.

Richa Singh

Head Orbium Scrum Practice

Richa is a Lean and Agile practitioner since last 7 years. Currently she is an Agile Coach at Orbium. Her passion is to help technology and business teams to identify value and work in collaboration to become high performing teams.

Richa works with technology teams to adapt XP practices, relentless improve the CI/CD pipeline to shorten the lead time and provide business the option to release the software on-demand. She also works with leadership and executive teams to adapt new ways to work and help in organization transformation. She is a certified Scrum Master and SAFe Program Consultant. She started her software journey as a Java/J2EE developer.

As if all this isn’t enough, we’ll do something else that can boost your success and take your career to a new height.


Post Program
VIP Strategy Session

At the end of the course, you’re entitled to a VIP strategy session on either career or organisation improvements. This will radically enhance your employability and land your dream job faster than you could have imagined. The duration of the strategy session will be conducted by the Course Manager and will be capped at 1 hour for an individual and 3 hours for an organisation, with a validity period 3 months from the program completion date.


A Personalised Certificate To Demonstrate Your New Skills To Employers

Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive a personalised Certificate of Completion from Theanthropy - A world-leading premier training organisation. Your future employer will be impressed by this.

Join The ICAgile Certified Professional Foundations of DevOps
ICP-FDO At Little To No Cost After Government Subsidy!

CITREP+ supports local professionals in keeping pace with technology shifts through continuous and proactive training. Participants are eligible for course subsidies under the CITREP+ framework. Subsidies range from 70% to 100% depending on which tier you fall under. Singapore citizens who are working professionals (whether you’re working or in-between jobs) will be eligible for up to 70-90% subsidy of the course fee and Singapore citizens who are students studying at a government institution will be eligible for up to 100% subsidy of the course fee.

Terms and conditions apply.
Please visit here for full details.

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It simply means, if you’re a student, you get a 100% subsidy for this breakthrough program! And if you’re a working adult (whether you’re working or in-between jobs), you’re only paying a small fraction (10-30%) of the actual cost! How does this work? Simply e-submit your course completion certificate and receipt to the government, and they will reimburse the sum of money to you.

Take Maximum Advantage Of This

Urgent Training Opportunity

This 3-Day course is NOT going to be just another event…
And there aren’t a bunch of guest speakers.
Instead, it’s an event with a small, intimate group with John Okoro and Richa Singh

It’s only available from TheAnthropy.
You won’t see such similar workshop online or any other part of Singapore.

This is a lifetime opportunity… so don’t miss it!

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