We provide certified coaching - CPCC(ICF), CEC, OSA, CBAC and CSSC and often combine it with group workshops for highly amplified results:

Stuart Turner (CST, CEC, CEST) Stuart Turner (CST, CEC, CEST) Stuart Turner (CST, CEC, CEST) Stuart Turner (CST, CEC, CEST) Stuart Turner (CST, CEC, CEST)

Business Agility/Agile Transition/Adoption/Transformation/Scaling/Startup Growing Pains/Enterprise Scrum

OpenSpace Agility - Group Coaching

OpenSpace Agility (OSA) is a repeatable technique for getting a rapid and lasting Agile adoption. It works with what you are currently doing, and can be added at any time.

For executive leaders, OSA is a template that operationalizes the core values of Lean, namely: respect for people, and continuous improvement.

For executives who are truly committed to these values, OSA represents a simple, effective and very efficient way forward.

With OpenSpace Agility, you can expect:

  • A dramatic reduction in the coaching & training costs of implementing your Agile program
  • A genuine, rapid and lasting Agile transformation
  • A dramatic increase in employee engagement scores
  • A dramatic increase in stakeholder satisfaction and potentially, genuine stakeholder delight
  • Predictable, reliable, repeatable, EVIDENCE-BASED improvement in overall results

OpenSpaceAgility incorporates the power of invitation, Open Space, game mechanics, leadership storytelling and more…so your Agile adoption can actually take root. OSA is based on people, THEN practices. You can use any practice or framework with OSA: Scrum, Kanban, DaD, SAFe, LeSS, and more.

Mentoring and Coaching - Coaches/CEC/CST/CTC/ICF

We have ICF, CEC and CST qualified mentors who provide coaching and educational services for coaches and scrum masters. We also provide mentoring for those already on their journey towards attaining CEC/CTC/CST credentials.

Competing Goals - Group Coaching

Have you ever tried to change an undesirable behaviour into a better one? I believe most people have. Occasionally it’s easy, but often it’s surprisingly, frustratingly difficult.

Not only can individual change be a real challenge, attempting change initiatives in the workplace with groups of people often suffers a similar fate.

We provide a combination of workshops and coaching, over a period of time, creating a supportive environment where individual change supports the group effort, and vice versa.